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LogiDoc participates in the whole logistics process, all the way from coordination and space reserves to final delivery of merchandises and shipments according to the conditions contracted on each shipment.
Coordination and reservations

With each shipment, LogiDoc confirms with shippers and exporters the products and quantities to be shipped.   We take care of making space reservation with the airlines, ship lines and land transport companies according to the instructions sent by the customer.


LogiDoc completes all the necessary documentation for each shipment according to the needs and demands of each country of destination for its adequate and expedite customs process.  Among this documents, we usually are in charge of phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin (Form-A), revision of shippers invoices and packing lists, etc.

Reception and dispatch

For air shipments, either for exports or imports, someone from LogiDoc will be personally receiving or delivering the shipment at the airport and will check adequately the condition of the cargo prior to its reception or liberation. 

Constant and accurate information

LogiDoc keeps a constant communication with its clients through standardized shipment reports with detailed information about every shipment.  In this reports we inform all basic information about each shipment (AWB, B/L, or land transport document number, itinerary, estimated times of departure and arrival, etc.).

Besides, we are constantly informing our customers about better routes and rates alternatives, so as different handling options in case of emergency during a specific shipment.


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